Egypt reading

I’m heading for Cairo today.  Here are some of the more recent short pieces I’ve thought worth reading on the current situation:

1.  Chatham House on the political process and how to keep it moving in a democratic direction.

2.  RAND on the military’s efforts to maintain its status and power.

3.  Sahar Aziz suggesting that the Egyptian military’s attacks on civil society are evidence of heightened civil society effectiveness.

4.   Vali Nasr on the sharp decline in Egypt’s economy and what needs to be done about it in light of high unemployment, slow growth and a dramatic youth bulge.

5.  Eric Trager on the Muslim Brotherhood’s discipline and unity.

6.  Eric Trager and Dina Guirguis, “Egypt’s Revolution Brought to a Halt?” (

In the books category:

1.  Max Rodenbeck, The City Victorious

2.  Alaa al Aswany, The Yacoubian Building

3.  Rosemary Mahoney, Down the Nile, which a friend just brought by

Her husband has also recommended The Egyptologist.

I’ll be glad to get other recommendations.  There’s definitely a Western, secularist tilt to this list so far–I trust I’ll pick up more Egyptian perspective, including Islamist and military views, in Cairo.  Starting to make appointments now.  Recommendations for that are also welcome!


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