Where am I?

There are 2500 year old ruins near here
There are 2500 year old ruins near here
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    1. Right on the mark. Qal’at al Bahrain, with remains dating to 2500 B.C. The fortress shown is mainly 16th century Portuguese. Fabulous site. Also a fabulous national museum along the waterfront in downtown Manama, with extensive documentation of the Dilmun civilization that dominated the island more or less until the Assyrians and Greeks came along a few centuries before Christ.

      1. As a young sailor in the early ’80s I had the pleasure of visiting Manama during our brief breaks from patrolling the Gulf. I remember it mostly as a scene from a Pynchon book: fighting off rats with brooms on the ships quarterdeck, riding the city bus to the souk, eating chicken marsala and playing rock music on a jukebox in a small cafe, Mt buddy Scotty giving a “gag me with a spoon” button to the owner’s child, tree climbing goats, a mediocre USO band at the American Support Group, a beer or two at the fancy Sheraton, all the while Iran and Iraq were conducting raids on each other’s oil fields and Saudi Arabia was keeping a wary eye on both with the assistance of an AWACS and our naval forces.

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