Macedonia hangout

I did a Hangout with Radio Free Europe yesterday on the situation in Macedonia. Here it is:

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9 thoughts on “Macedonia hangout”

  1. Serwer you have zero credibility on Macedonia issue.

    a. you cuddled up with VMRO fascists
    b. you whitewashed their identity quick change into founders of the Hellenistic period
    c. you act like you don’t notice irredentism against Greece.

    If the behavior of Skopje’s apologists continues, Greece should update its foreign policy to deal with them in tit-for-tat fashion. Hit them in their pocket books and dismantle their identities of Skopje apologists as they casually attempted to delete Greeks.

  2. This nonsense comming feom Greece has to stop. No country within Europe has to fear for its borders. Making a case for Macedonia in the EU.

  3. Greeks will not allow any non-Greek people to monopolize the name of Macedonia. That is, no modern country, ethnicity, citizenship, language … should be called Macedonia(n):

    Maybe you need to know the difference between “the name of a country, language, ethnicity, citizenship”, which is unique, from “name of a city, region, village, …”

    To make it clear, if SlavoSkopians call their country, language, ethnicity, citizenship … as, lets say, Vardar, we will not object if they call all their cities, villages, …. as Macedonia.

    Why they deny the name Slavomacedonia(n) ??

  4. Because that region historically is Macedonia. To me imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    1. Skopje? No! Skopje never was in Macedonia. Skopje was Dardanian, Kossovian and Vardar capital while Veles was Peonian capital. The northern border of Macedonia is the line Lychnidos (Ohrid) – Petra (Petric). Therefore 85% of Macedonia is in Greece while the other 15%, namely Pelagonia, is in FYROM.

      1. What was the area of the Dependent territory? Historically I would argue that rather than feeling animosity toward Macedonia Greece should feel responsibility. What you reject a smarter country, or to put it bluntly ancient mentality of the Greece would embrace. As I said, imitation is a highest form of flattery. While you’re counting red blood cells ancient Greece was great with its form of inclusion. Embrace a bit of that ancient wisdom and become a positive force in the region.

        1. Inclusion is wished and welcomed. It includes language, predominately. If SlavoSkopians speak Greek and teach Greek to their children we will call them Macedonians, as long as they do that.

  5. FYRoM is not Macedon and the peoples there speak Slavic. Recorded history tells us, that the pre-Slavic population-dynamic there spoke Greek, and affiliated towards the Patriarchate of Constantinople. So armed with this knowledge, historical information makes the present day inhabitants of FYRoM Slavicized Greco-Romans…and not the Macedonians they want to be.

    FYRoM cannot base national history, and national identity-characteristics on acquired name “Republic of Makedonija”

    To be Macedonian, one needs to be Greek in the first place…something which cannot be dismissed nor taken away.

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