Sarah Arkin: Palestine/Israel, Kosovo, Uganda

Sarah Arkin, once upon a time a student in my post-war reconstruction class, has kindly allowed me to post these photographs, which I find a reminder of both the devastation war wrecks and the resilience people demonstrate. The notes about the photos are Sarah’s own:

Every week anywhere from dozens to hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and international activists came to protest the Israeli “security wall” that runs through an olive farm in this town. Pictures taken between February and May 2007.

A boy rides his bicycle next to the Israeli “security wall”. Picture taken in March 2007

Girls look out their window in the old city of Jerusalem as IDF members take a breather. February 9th marked a massive protest in the old city with stones, bricks, smoke grenades, tear gas and live and rubber bullets after the Israeli government banned males under 40 from entering the al-Aqsa mosque to pray. Picture taken February 2007

Cyrillic books burned in Prizren, Kosovo; a result of KLA “reprisal attacks”. Picture taken August 2005

A destroyed grave in Prizren, Kosovo. Picture taken in August 2005.

IDP camp, outside Lira, Uganda May 2005
Nearly 2 million Ugandans were internally displaced as a result of LRA violence. Tens of thousands of IDPs lived in this camp with 6 wells and no electricity.

Refugee camp, Mbarara, Uganda
These children are mostly refugees from the Congo, who rely on UNICEF for the one meal that most of them received per day. Picture taken in June 2004.

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