Marshall Memorial Fellowships

Founded in 1982, the Marshall Memorial Fellowship (MMF) was created by the German Marshall Fund of the United States to introduce a new generation of European leaders to the United States. In 1999, GMF launched a companion program to expose future U.S. leaders to a changing and expanding Europe.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for emerging leaders from the United States and Europe to explore institutions, politics, and culture on the other side of the Atlantic. American and European Fellows each visit five cities during the 24-day program. They meet formally and informally with a range of policymakers, prominent community members, and local MMF alumni. During the trip, each Fellow also has the opportunity to explore his or her individual professional interests beyond the group programs, which focus on a range of domestic and international policy areas.

GMF works closely with over 50 local coordinators who provide Fellows with invaluable local perspectives on the transatlantic agenda and domestic issues. Please visit the cities and coordinators page for more information on these key individuals.

GMF awards more than 100 Marshall Memorial Fellowships each year to the best and brightest from all sectors, including politics, media, business, and nongovernmental organizations. Beginning with the four original countries – Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands – Fellows now come from across the United States and 37 European countries. Please visit the selection page for more information on GMF’s selection partners, Fellowship eligibility criteria, and how to participate in the next selection process.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship program boasts an extensive network of nearly 2,000 leaders who are knowledgeable about and committed to the transatlantic relationship.

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