To whom it may concern

The Egyptian April 6 Movement yesterday sent around this note, which merits reading:

To whom it may concern, April 6 movement is one of the first movements that fought against Mubarak regime and fought against political corruption and despotism since its inception in 2008 . It’s main purpose was to establish a state based on the principles of freedom, dignity, democracy, justice, equality and citizenship .

April 6 movement had a major role in the spark of January 25, 2011 and the revolution against injustice and corruption. April 6 Movement faced a great challenges and severe attack from the SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Force) who took power after the resign of Mubarak. The conflict with us started when the movement criticized the ruling military council at that time, which led the military council to start a huge media campaigns and distortion against April 6 movement at that time.

After President Mohamed Morsy took power in 2012 the movement attempted to stand beside him and backing him until he began to narrow his opposition at the end of 2012. The movement stood with people’s demands to conduct early presidential elections and participated in the “Rebel “campaign and in the wave of June 30, 2013.

Now, after June 30 , and after we agreed on the road map, we started criticizing violations that occurred, like random arrest and the ignoring of human rights standards which is justified by the slogan “the war against terrorism”.

It’s our right , we participated with the masses to demand early presidential elections, we did not participate in order to ignore the human rights standards or full control over all media .

Now we are exposed to a fierce campaign on a daily basis.  All the Egyptian media has been harnessed to distort the April 6 Movement and all the symbols of January 25 revolution and all those who defend the values of freedom, democracy and human rights.

We are exposed to the campaigns of incitement and defamation against us in the Egyptian media on a daily basis without giving us the right to respond. Every day they repeat rumors and lies about us. They say that we are traitors and agents of the West and we receive foreign fund. Even some incites killing us on Egyptian media. The Egyptian government does not interfere to stop incitement which really endangers our lives, despite a lot of complaints that we formally filed.

And now many of the symbols of Mubarak regime came back to raise cases against us, accusing us with the same fake accusations and demanding the dissolving of April 6 Movement among blessing and welcoming of the Egyptian government.

We now feel that there is within the new regime, who wants to destroy the April 6 Movement and all the symbols of January 25 revolution.

There are some members of April 6 Movement in jail without clear charges. They were arrested in arbitrary arrests during curfew or near some of the demonstrations. Some of them have been shot and killed by the police, while they were filming some demonstrations, although they did not participate in any demonstrations supporting M[uslim] B[rotherhood], but took part in the demonstrations of June 30 against the Brotherhood.

Days ago, police raided a headquarter of April 6 Movement in eastern Cairo without permission from the prosecutor, and without clear charges. They searched the headquarters in attempt to terrorize the members of the movement.

There are now individuals or parts within the new regime try to terror us and keep us silent because we just only talking about human rights , the rule of law and the right of every accused to a fair procedures. We also talk about the cessation of violence and the need for dialogue.

There are now incites against us, who uses the same old rumors and lies used by Mubarak and the military council before, and this exposes our lives to danger.


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