False patriotism

The airwaves are so crowded with Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta condemning the desecration of Taliban corpses it may come as a surprise that CNN commentator Dana Loesch has no problem with it “as a citizen of the United States”:

Even more surprising to me yesterday was David Welch, a “former Republican National Committee Research Director,” who tweeted:

Marines pee on dead terrorists and this is a story? I could care less. Liberal media at work…

For Welch, blame falls not to disgraceful behavior by a few Marines who dishonor their 240,000 comrades in arms and undermine the moral standing of the United States, but rather to the “liberal media.”

I have to wonder in what world the media would not have run this video and story. North Korea for sure. Russia and China maybe. And if it hadn’t been run by the “liberal” media in America, would it still not have caused enormous damage to the United States abroad?

Lest you think this is an aberration, let me urge you to search for “liberal media” on Twitter and read a few of the tweets and links they contain. Here’s one:


The link is to a “Russia Today” report on the incident. When did “Russia Today” become the liberal media?  And which country was applauding?

David Welch added to me on Twitter:

Now 3 marines who defend our country are going to be destroyed. Feel free to gloat

Spencer Ackerman has noted the uncomfortable atmosphere among Pentagon correspondents, liberal and conservative, yesterday. Anyone who thinks those who–like me and apparently the Pentagon correspondents–are disgusted by the video are “gloating” is mistaken.

But then I realized:  Welch doesn’t really think I’m gloating.  He thinks saying that will gain him adherents and attention in the great struggle against the liberals (most of whom would regard me as pretty conservative).  The larger struggle between good and evil is so important that you just have to ignore a boyish prank by a few Marines, who after all are men who defend their country. This is false patriotism.

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